SPMA and BOSCH cooperate and distribute together automatic special coating machines for varnishing model plates.

The departement BOSCH LAB Systems and Custom Solutions which belongs to of the BOSCH Packaging Group offers systems of the automated high throughput experimentation, among other things for the development of paint and other coatings.

Within the scope of this product program arrangements are also offered to the automatic mixture of different paint recipes and automatic mixing machines to the spraying of pattern records.

The material care for the spraying occurs by means of patented syringes. These are simply exchanged after the spraying, so that a rinsing of pipelines or hose mugs is cancelled and also passes no risk of the contamination by predecessor’s paint. The spraying of pattern records or test records occurs automatically and highly reproduceable. The time involved for sprayings can be reduced with it clearly.

Hence, the systems are suited for development and the quality assurance. Now these systems are expelled in Germany and well-chosen countries of Europe together by SPMA Spezialmaschinen GmbH and BOSCH.

SPMA Spezialmaschinen GmbH, Bissingen/Teck, Martin Schweizer, Tel. +49 7023 749-720, www.spma.de; Robert Bosch GmbH, Geschäftsbereich Packaging Technology, Dr. Roland Emmerich, http://www.boschpackaging.com/Boschlabsystems/